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About Us

Joseph James Hartmann is the founder and president of VaryMedia. He is committed to creating web sites that capture the personality and character of the individual or company. After all, this may be the only view users will ever see of the owner or company so it needs to be unique to each one and not just another clone of another web site.


His background includes the following: He has an Associate of Applied Science in Multimedia and Web Development from the Art Institute of Dallas. He is also a Christian minister, writer, artist, songwriter, singer and musician at ShaftOfLight.com.

Dedicated to Quality

We are committed to helping provide a service for our clients to maximize their presence on the web and in print design. We want to hear you. We ask specific questions that will enable us to create a design specific for you.

Showcase Of Our Projects

We can cover a multitude of projects to enhance each individual site as well as print, audio and video. We also provide flexible design projects. One can start at a minimum level and expand their site and/or media materials as business increases without having to redesign and redevelop the whole site.

Unique vs. Clone

There are a lot of cloned web sites on the WWW. Through our design process we can make sure yours is not one of them. You don't have to go with the flow simply because others are. You are different and unique, so why shouldn't your web site.

We Want To Hear You

Our approach to designing your next project is simply to hear you. You're the only one who truly knows your business. You have a unique way of reaching your customers and this includes your personality.