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Shout To The World

Your presence on the web and in print should be a reflection of you and/or your company and not just a clone of something else in the marketplace. Retain your identity and uniqueness. There is no one else like you. No one else has the same fingerprints as you do and no one else runs their business the way you do. So why would you let someone just plug in all of your information into some cloned template. Be who you are and let the world see how you are different and how you are special. Dare to be unique.

Image of Beneficial Zone Web Site

Step Out From The Crowd

Some web design companies have created their own templates or use others templates so they can make a lot of money with as little effort as possible. This limits the amount of creativity they can design into a project. Your design and creativity must fit within the scope of their limited sight. Have you ever noticed how a lot of web sites look so similar? Don't let this happen to you. If the designer you are talking with can not or will not hear you, find someone else, quickly.

Create Your Destiny

Do what you were created to do. There has never been a better time to start a business or service. Your clients are world-wide. Look inside and find out what you like to do. This is usually the thing you would do regardless of whether or not you were paid. Then find a way to do it and enjoy your life to its full.

Artprints by Joseph James on Beneficial Zone

Show Your Feathers

Web design has come a long way in the last few years. Unfortunately, not everyone has kept up with the times. There are so many options available, so where do you start?

This is where we can help. We start from scratch. What do you want? What is important to you? With your ideas and our knowledge of the industry, we can help you put together a concept that will be unique to you.


Joseph has taken some of his beautiful photos and has created two new calendars for fundraisers. He used his first 2014 calendar to help his son, Daniel, raise enough funds to perform at the Gaylord Palms Beach Resort at the 2014 AMTC Winter SHINE Event in January 2014. The calendars were such a great hit that is has designed two 14 month calendars so far, far 2015.

More fundraising information about the fundraiser on Beneficial Zone

In Print

We also design on multiple types of media including newsletters, brochures, business cards, books, posters and convention banners. Some of these files can also be designed to work in both print and digital media.

Books by Joseph James on Beneficial Zone

Video and Audio

We also design CD and DVD inserts and labels as well as do audio and video editing. Our generation is one of that requires muli-media avenues as our world seemlessly flows between print, web, cell phones, and television.

Music by Joseph James on Beneficial Zone