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What is multimedia? Multimedia has many different facets. The main question to determine how you plan to reach your target audience. The next decision is determining the best medium or mediums to use. VaryMedia uses a wide variety of means to reach your audience. From print to the internet, there are a lot of options available.

Check Out Our Work

Image of Destiny Path of Life Web Site

This page provides descriptions and links to our work. We have a variety of sites to show with various designs and tools used for each one. We are continuing to enhance each site we build with new techniques.

Web Presence

What is web presence and how do we define it? Okay, so you have your site up and now you have web presence, right? Well, it's not that simple. What is the personality of your web site? Does it represent you and your business? Can others see you in your site? How is it different to everything else out in cyberspace?

Social Networks

Social Media has become to great of a part of the web to simply ignore. Sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and more are a very important part of web presence and search engine optimization. Ask us for more information on how to use these to drive more traffic to your web site.


How much interactivity do we need? Can we accomplish it with Javascript, XHTML and CSS or do we need to incorporate Flash? Sometimes too much interaction can backfire and sometimes it is just not appropriate.


This is an easy way to keep users coming back for more. Don't pass this up without serious consideration. What can you offer your users weekly or daily to make them want to come back to your site? Tidbits of information here and there can make a big difference. We can blend a blog within a site to make it look like part of the site or use a blog such as Wordpress to design the whole site. Joseph has two blogs incorporated into his websites.

Joseph James blog on his ministry site, Destiny Path Of Life


The web has come a long way in the last few years. Web browsers are becoming more standards compliant. The old style of designing is going away. HTML and CSS are able to eliminate the need for a lot of scripting making the sites leaner and easier on search engines and handicap accessibility. The use of tables can be non–existent in most sites including some e–commerce sites.


Do you need a full featured shopping cart or a simple Paypal system? How much security do you need? How complex is your shop or service? You wouldn't build a 200,000 square foot warehouse to sell a few match books, would you?


Do we need embedded or streaming video? Should we use Flash for this purpose? How much video do you have? Do you change it out or update it regularly? Do you need DVDs and downloadable mp4s? Joseph recently produced a 7 DVD set of his wife's miraculous journey to help others through difficult times.

Journey To Hope by Joseph James on Sentenced To Death Destined For Life Web site

Audio & Music

What is the best way to incorporate music and audio into the site? If your site has a certain atmosphere, you might like to consider some background music that can be controlled by the user. Want to record and/or produce a music CD and/or make music mp3s available for download? Joseph produced 6 CDs of his own music last year and two of the CDs are now in a Family Christian Store in Colorado Springs, CO. The rest of his music is on his YouTube channel and his websites.

Music by Joseph James on Beneficial Zone


All of our form pages to date feature a combination of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. We don't use tables in any of our designs unless they are absolutely necessary. We use javascript to validate the forms and to offer a preview of the form information to the user before submitting. PHP is used to email the form to the company, send a reply to the user, and to help keep spam to a minimum.